Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM)


Business organizations require effective operations and supply chain management (OSCM) software systems. This software plays an important role in ensuring that businesses have a constant flow of stock (McDonough, 2020). The process is necessary for sustainable customer service. The software is also important for maintenance of a good relationship with suppliers (McDonough, 2020; Abdul & Ilgaz, 2020). This is essential for the efficient supply service. Businesses as well need the software to cut down their costs (Jacobs & Chase, 2017; Abdul & Ilgaz, 2020). The technology makes it possible for them to procure stock of high quality at a low price. There are several OSCM software packages available in the market. This paper explores three types of software:  Infor SCM, Descartes SCM, and logility. It explains the capabilities as well as the limitations of each of the packages.

OSCM Software Packages

Infor SCM

Infor SCM is a software package that amalgamates the supply chain with a GT Nexus Commerce Network. This enables business companies to obtain some control in order to withstand the competition in the market. The software gives users end-to-end business solutions by providing a platform for effective supply chain planning, financial control, and time management (Jacobs & Chase, 2017). By doing so, it leads to data-driven decisions that in turn result in quality customer service. Some of the major features offered by the software include supply chain control, real supply and demand tracking, warehouse management, transportation management, labor management, process automation, and multiparty networking.

According to businesses that use Infor SCM, the software is capable of enabling them to cut down warehouse operation expenses and wastage costs (Jacobs & Chase, 2017; McDonough, 2020). This is important for the increase of productivity of the companies. The control and visibility features of the software allow the businesses to maintain good buyer-supplier relations. It also needs to be pointed out that since the software is ever-evolving, it does not call for regular updates (Jacobs & Chase, 2017). Despite these advantages, Infor SCM is limited by the fact that it makes debugging of issues hard (McDonough, 2020). This is due to the fact that the users of the application have less control on it. For issues pertaining to database, users have to depend on INFOR Extreme for help.

Descartes SCM

Descartes SCM is a package that gives business companies various cloud-based and modular solutions, and wireless logistics. These services play a crucial role in streamlining various business processes. The software makes use of both business and artificial intelligence. It transforms business operations by introducing the element of digitization. The e-commerce shipping solutions provided for by the software play a useful role in reducing complications associated with manual processes of warehousing and delivery (McDonough, 2020). The main features associated with the software include transportation management, mobile services, global logistics network, logistics messaging, data analytics, trade research, global trade intelligence, retail distribution, product classification, customs compliance, and e-commerce connectivity.

The business organizations that use Descartes SCM opine that the software is capable of serving as an effective platform for creation of faster delivery plans and appointments (Abdul & Ilgaz, 2020; McDonough, 2020). Its advanced global intelligence allows companies to receive assets and inventories when they are required. This helps to ensure that no time is wasted in the business operations. The software also makes it easy for users to collect important data for the management of their businesses (McDonough, 2020). This data enables them to visualize various logistics without overreliance on data scientists and IT experts. The major limitation Descartes SCM centers on the fact that just like in the case of other types of software, its successful usage calls for adequate training (McDonough, 2020). Without this, costly mistakes can be inevitable.


Logility is an OSCM software package that gives users optimized planning services and advanced analytics. It provides a digital supply chain which links intelligent and smart solutions that enable businesses to respond to different market needs (Abdul & Ilgaz, 2020). By doing to, the application helps the businesses to solve serious supply chain planning problems they encounter. It also makes it possible for them to gain a competitive advantage. The major features of Logility include inventory optimization, production optimization, supply optimization, demand optimization, retail optimization, business planning integration, transportation management, master data management, cost management, quality management, real-time collaboration, offline support, vendor profiles, and cloud-based precision.

The capability of Logility lies within the fact that it provides sustainable supply chain services for improved business operations and profits (Abdul & Ilgaz, 2020). The software combines various analytics in order to ensure that the business needs of various companies or organizations are effectively met. Some of the solutions provided by the package allow optimization of raw materials. It is also important to observe that the software’s solutions easily adapt to different industries (Jacobs & Chase, 2017). This means that the application can be useful to businesses of any size and type. One of the main limitations of Logility is that the initial setup of the application is often challenging (McDonough, 2020). This is due to its high cost and requirement of high level of expertise. Additionally the software is associated with customization difficulties (Abdul & Ilgaz, 2020). Its customizing features are not that simple.


Logility, Infor SCM, and Descartes SCM are among the best operation and supply chain management software packages. The applications are a good choice for companies that aspire to obtain effective supply chain and other business capabilities. They are necessary for maintenance of good business relationships, and effective customer service. The software are what most business organizations need for profitability and survival in business environments that are highly competitive.


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