Motivation Strategy

Motivation of oneself

As an entrepreneur, a sound motivation strategy to motivate me and those working under me is necessary. To motivate me since no one is setting goals or targets that I ought to adhere to or observe, I need to develop a personal mission statement, personal and professional plan and create a reward system. The personal mission statement will outline the core values, goals, and culture to observe to achieve certain goals (Schunk, & DiBenedetto, 2020). The professional and personal plan seeks to give a glimpse of both short-term and long-term goals that must be attained within specific timelines to attain the entrepreneurial dream. Upon attainment of various goals and targets, I have set for myself in the business, however big or small I need to reward myself. The reward can involve taking a walk to an exotic place, watching a movie, or taking time out with friends. This will give me time to unwind from the pressure of the situation and give the body the energy to push harder.

In taking a walk to an exotic place as a way to motivate myself I will get quality time to enjoy my nature work. Taking the nature walk in exotic places will motivate me to work smart in various business goals since it will be a way of commending myself for the milestone achieved. Since I will be far from my working environment I will get time to reflect on the various business decisions that may require adjustment. Due to the quality time to rest from the daily hustle of the business, I will be able to evaluate the different courses of action. Among the possible course of action, I will get quiet time to analyze them and undertake to do great research on them online. This will give the idea a higher chance of implementation with the assurance of success due to thorough prior research (Graves, & Sarkis, 2018). More so since the brain and mind will be well relaxed there is potential to tap into my inherent inner powers such as analytical ability making it possible to formulate the most formidable solutions that will be coupled with impeccable entrepreneurial capability. Hence such a reward will ensure the attainment of business goals that will wipe out the competition making the business stands out in the operational environment.

Watching my favorite movie as a rewarding means for myself will give the brain time to relax. The movie can be watched in a movie theatre or the confine of home. This has more advantages to the business entity especially if I watch the movie within my residence since it reduces the cost of the reward chosen that may impact negatively the business. Moreover, it will give me room to work on pending projects within the confine of the home after watching the movie. Thus the entrepreneurial venture will benefit from dedicated time to run an errand after a short stint of break. When I engage in conversation with friends especially those running similar ventures or whom I consider as my role model it can be viewed as a way to reward myself for goals attained. The interaction with people running similar ventures will help me learn from them as we share our varied experiences in handling challenges emanating from running startup ventures (Sekhar, Patwardhan, & Singh, 2013). The conversations will become a source of informal learning as I get ideas from them on the best approach to counter the challenges in the business environment. The friends will help to improve my network as they share refer my business to their inner circles driving sales in the entity. The friends can be the link to getting better terms of finance hence avoiding highly-priced commercial loans that may prove detrimental to business prosperity in the future. Creating time for a movie or catching with friends or role models to reward me for goals achieved provides me with the opportunity to dedicate more time to the venture since I will get time off for small or bigger challenges overcome later.

Motivation of Stakeholders

As a way to motivate team members as a leader, I will institute open communication with other stakeholders and engage employees in regular training. During the feedback system of communication, the team members will share their ideas and thoughts on the common approach that can be used to attain a certain group goal. The two ways of communication established within the organization will end any room for mistrust as members get to know each other for their contribution to the overall group goals (Sekhar, Patwardhan, & Singh, 2013). The developed trust among the team members will make it easier for members to allocate responsibilities to each other based on the identified strengths. This will result in a highly motivated and cohesive team that will work in synergy to attain the set targets within the shortest time possible. The seamless engagement of team members as they share tasks will reduce corporate wastage of resources as key creativity and talents are tapped and incorporated into the organizational culture. During the feedback meetings, corrective action for unattained goals shall be discussed and targets, as well as rewards for any target achieved, shall be shared (Dahlin, Chuang, & Roulet, 2018). The meetings will seek to develop strength for each member of the team as they minimize their weaknesses. Moreover, reprimand for targets that were not achieved shall not be overemphasized as ways to improve performance take center stage giving members room for correction. This will lead to higher motivation due to the conducive environment created and the realization that they were involved in setting the appraisal and reward system.

Creating a system that ensures regular training of employees will be a great way to motivate staff. The training can involve regular refresher courses, and new training to adapt to the new innovative ways to do their work. When employees are taken refresher courses that help them understand and learn new creative ways to solve problems emanating from their department it helps to reduce errors within the organization. Moreover, the wastage of corporate resources in terms of materials and time is reduced (Alsuwaidi, Alshurideh, Kurdi, & Salloum, 2020). This gives the employees the morale to dedicate more time in performing their duties due to the improved performance within a short time. Due to the reduced errors, the members of staff become more encouraged to undertake more challenges in their workstations which is instrumental to the growth of the entrepreneurial venture. Further continuous training makes employees be well placed to multitask within the organization with ease reducing the cost of labor or redundancy in the organization. The training gives the employee the impetus to introduce new ways or seek guidance from their supervisors whether the new approach they wish to undertake in the performance of duties is allowed by the organization. This will reduce conflicts within the company motivating the employee since they realize their ideas are being incorporated into the organization.

Training that takes place to make employees conversant with the newly introduced technology within the venture allows them to learn new ways to use technology to improve their efficiency. The adoption of technology improves the productivity of the employees and gives them more time to work on the projects at their disposal. This will reduce the time constraints on them as they work efficiently with the innovative ways introduced in the organization. The employee meets their targets within the timelines set they get more motivated to work for the organization since better performance is rewarded heavily within the organization through bonuses. Therefore its reward system for self and employee can result in more motivation. Through taking walk, watching the movie, and engaging with friends I will be more energized to continue working for the entrepreneurial venture as I get time off to reflect on the direction the venture will take (Graves, & Sarkis, 2018). Open communication with staff will help them to share their grievances on the challenges they are going through in their departments making it possible to formulate solutions that are acceptable to all as the organizational goals are attained. Moreover, feedback way of communication helps the organization to identify the best technology to be used in the organization. Communication also helps in identifying the training needs of the employee to make them more efficient in their workstations. Therefore open communication is the ideal way towards boosting the morale of the members of staff.


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