Micro-Project III – Blogging

After reading the Justification, Organization, and Elaboration Phase papers. You will write a 3-page analysis of your project reflecting on the process and efficacy of the blogging project.

One of the requirements for completion of a university educational program is coming up with an appropriate research project based on the associated course content. In this case, the researcher chose to pursue the blogging micro-project. Blogging is an online technology that enables people to share experiences.[1] It involves creation and writing of posts that derive from various topics of interest. Thus blogging provides a convenient platform that people can use to communicate directly.

The choice of the micro-project of blogging was informed by the issue that the researcher sought to address. The researcher wanted to resolve the problem of faith formation among adolescents. This is an important issue in the contemporary society. Most youths in this society are disillusioned due to poverty, unemployment, and other problems. Many do not believe in God. As a result, they do not see the importance of embracing Christianity.[2] Yet the same youths will be members of the next generation ministry. This means that something has to be done in order to change their attitude. Blogging is one of the most important methods that can help to ensure that many youths are reached by the word of God.

The researcher has done some good work in justifying his micro-project. He has shown how it can help to solve a given problem that is common in the society. According to him, most youths are internet savvy.[3] This means that they can be able to access blogs with the Christian content. However, the researcher fails to recognize the fact that it is not all young people who are able to access the internet. Some are also not techno-savvy. Therefore, it should not be assumed that it is all youths who can be engaged through the process of blogging.

To make his micro-project comprehensible, the researcher has taken time to elaborate it. He shows how blogging is a process that involves many actions and activities.[4] All I can say in this case is that the researcher gets it wrong in terms of the approach that he uses in giving explanations about the process of blogging. He assumes that all the members of his audience already have some basic knowledge about blogging. Yet this may not be the case. I feel that he should have done better in simplifying the whole process. To achieve this, he had to employ simple terminologies and concepts.

In terms of organizing the micro-project, the researcher has really done well. He has started by giving an appropriate background of what blogging is and how the ministers of the word of God can use it to preach to the young people.[5] After this, the researcher has also highlighted the pros and cons of the process. He has as well talked about the effectiveness of blogging. Additionally, the researcher has given important tips about blogging platforms, and how to set up a blog. This comprehensive information is useful since it enables one to understand what exactly the micro-project entails.

The micro-project is effective in the sense that blogging is affordable, and it is easy to get started. One does not need a lot of money to be a blogger. Special skills are also not needed in the process of blogging. It is also important to note that since many young people like spending their time on the internet, it is easy to get them and preach to them. In the process, many can get converted. As a result, they may come to understand the importance of basing their identity formation on the image of God.[6] Moreover, it needs to be pointed out that blogging is compatible with the world of God. The Bible emphasizes on the importance of using whatever gift one has to serve others.[7]

Although the selected micro-project is important for the achievement of the course objectives, it has some minor flaws. For instance, blogging requires constant posting or publishing.[8] Therefore, one has to take time in searching a new content that can be posted. Thus, a blogger has to be relevant and consistent. Another important thing to note is that preaching through blogs may not be useful as preaching in the Church. Physical church meeting are important for the believers since they enable them to meet and interact freely in the presence of God. Blogging affects the communion of believers since it does not provide this opportunity of physical contact.[9] Additionally, it is important to be careful on the content of blogs. Some people can use blog posts to spread harmful teachings that are not compatible with Christianity.[10] This can do more harm than good to the young audience that is being targeted.

You will also read the Micro-project Assessment assignment instructions and answer the six questions in paragraph form totaling 3 pages.

  1. What did you learn about the chosen Micro-Project overall?

The micro-project that was chosen for the current assignment is blogging. What I have learned about it is that blogging is a process. It involves choosing a topic, researching about it, before posting information on the same.[11]  Thus the process involves a series of activities that lead to generation of a content for posting. I have also come to learn that blogging is an effective platform that the ministers of the word of God can use to reach the young generation with the Gospel of Christ.[12] This is due t the fact that many young people spend most of their time online. It is easy to engage them with the word of God using blogging posts containing Christianity teachings. I have as well learned that blogging promotes identity formation among the young people. It gives young people an opportunity through which their different talents can be exploited.

  1. Looking back, how, if at all, did the Micro-Projecthelp to solve your stated problem?

The selected micro-project helped me to solve the identified problem. The problem in this case was adolescent faith formation. In this regard, I was interested in answering the question on identity finding versus the image of God. Blogging provides a reliable method of sharing information.[13] Christian blogs can be useful in sharing the word of God with the young people. They enable the ministers of the word to understand what influences the faith of adolescents. As a result, the ministers can work on how best this generation can be reached. While reading the word of God online, the young persons can have an opportunity to ask questions about who they are and where they think they belong to. Such questions are important for identity formation.[14] Hopefully, the Christian blogs can enable the young people to identify themselves with the image of God in accordance to the book of Genesis 1:26.

  1. What effect might the Micro-Project have on your ministry moving forward?

The micro-project is likely to have a positive impact on my ministry going forward. It can enable me to reach many young people with the Gospel of Christ.[15] Many young people nowadays do not attend church. However, they have time to be online. Using Christian blogs can help to ensure that some are reached. Many can get saved using online sermons and biblical messages. For the young persons who are already in the Church, blogging can play a crucial role in deepening their faith. Through reading and making important comments on posts based on Christian teachings, these people can learn more about the nature of God.[16] The can learn how to associate themselves with the image of God. This association is important in that it can enable them to live holy lives in accordance to the will of God.

  1. What did you not learn by completing this Micro-Project that you hoped to learn?

Although I have learnt some important things by completing the micro-project, there are some I have missed out. For instance, I hoped to learn more about how to create a good blog post. However, most of the articles I came across only focused on the process of blogging. It is not all posts that can be appealing to the audience.[17] Therefore, there is need for one to understand what needs to be done in order to come up with the best. Another thing I did not learn is about the popularity of blogs. This matters a lot since it is not all young people who embrace blogging. Therefore, it is important to understand the number that can be reached using this platform.[18] This number includes those who post and the ones who comment or just read.

  1. What changes would you make to your project or to your ministry as a result of this Micro-Project?

The micro-project will enable me to make important changes to my ministry. For example, it will give me the opportunity to use technology in preaching the word of God to the young people.[19]  As noted in the previous sections, this group has lost interest in Christianity. Its Church attendance rate keeps on declining every day. This makes it necessary to think of what can motivate them. Using blogs can help to bring them closer to God’s word. It is also important to note that blogging can enable me to have a uniting platform for the young people, especially those who attend church on a regular basis.[20] Through this platform, they can learn more about God and His will. This is important for the formation of their identity.

  1. On a scale of 0–100, with 100 being the most beneficial and 0 being the least, what score would you give yourself as it relates to learning about, creating, and implementing your Micro-Project? Explain why.

On the scale of 0-100, I can give myself the score of 80. I have learned a lot about blogging. I know understand the meaning of blogging, its advantages and disadvantages, and the effectiveness of the process. This information is useful for someone like me who wants to use this technology to spread the Gospel among the youths. Perhaps what I need to focus more is on the issue of creating blogs. I aspire to learn more about how to come with appealing blogs. This can enable me to reach many young people since they are after such blogs. On the issue of implementing the micro-project, I have no problem with that. I am ready at any time to start using blogs in sharing Christian teachings with the young in the society.

Lastly, you will follow the Reflection on selected micro-project instruction and write a 1-page reflection.

This project taught me several things about the people I minister to. For instance, I have come to learn is that the members of my congregation are different.[21]  The young people are different from adults. This is due to the fact that many of the young are subjects of the process of identity formation. As a result, they have no time for God. Since many tend to spend a lot of time online, blogs can be very important platforms through which they can be reached. This can help to ensure that they get converted to Christ.

I have also come to realize that how the younger people understand the word of God is different from how adults understand it.[22] This is due to the fact that their levels of conviction are different. Most of the young people are disillusioned. Many are unemployed and poor. As a result, they do not see anything good with Christianity. With this mindset, it can be difficult to reach them with mere preaching.  Using blogs can enable such youths to learn from the experiences of others. This can be useful for their lives.

I have as well learned that the young people comprise members of the next generation ministry.[23] They are “the future of the church.”[24] Therefore, the way the young are handled matters a lot. If not handled well, the Church will be empty in the coming days. That is why it is necessary to do everything possible in order to ensure that the young people get the good news of the word of God. This can enable them to develop strong faith in God as they grow up in Christianity.


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