Identity and Vales

Directions: Dr. Lee has asked you to complete the following collaboration activity in preparation for your first leadership team meeting. Follow the step-by-step instructions below. Respond to all of the questions and then submit this sheet as a deliverable.

  1. Complete the Myers-Briggs Personality Test

The test should take you about 10–12 minutes to complete. First, read the Introduction. Then, review the Strengths and Weaknesses, Career Paths, and Workplace Habits sections (and any additional sections that you would like to read).

  • Reflect on Your Results

Summarize your results. What were your test results, and what did they say about you and your values? This should include strengths and weaknesses, workplace habits, and career paths.

From the results of Myers-Briggs Personality Test, I found that I am a protagonist. People with this kind of personality are charismatic and passionate. They are extroverts who easily connect, communicate, and interact with others (NERIS Analytics Limited, 2021). Many are motivators who inspire other people. Protagonists no not fear speaking their mind when it is necessary. They reflect upon their own considerations and those of others in order to make good and quick decisions that can lead to a bright future (NERIS Analytics Limited, 2021). In terms of strength, protagonists are tolerant, reliable, altruistic, and natural leaders. Their weaknesses include being overly idealistic, too selfless and oversensitive, having fluctuating self esteem, and struggle in making tough decisions. At workplace, protagonists are flexible people who tend to thrive in different roles. They are likeable people who often succeed in working with other people. Protagonists pursue careers that enable them to help other people (NERIS Analytics Limited, 2021). These include social work, teaching, and counseling. Such careers allow protagonists to serve the people around them.     

Identify an aspect of your identity and describe the factors that influenced it. Did you learn anything new about yourself? Choose one aspect and explain why or why not.

The results of the test indicate that I am somebody who is able to keep good interpersonal relationships. This aspect of personal identity is often  influenced by interaction with people from diverse backgrounds, acknowledgement of other people’s expertise, showing interest in others, listening to others’ views, and ability to control my emotions (Chamorro-Premuzic & British Psychological Society, 2015; Schultz & Schultz, 2017). One main aspect of my identity I have learned today is that of being too selfless. I have never realized that I always strive to keep my work in solving other people’s problems. Being highly concerned about other people is sometimes dangerous since it can make one lose focus (Chamorro-Premuzic & British Psychological Society, 2015; Schultz & Schultz, 2017). It is likely to land somebody in a situation where he or she can no longer be able to provide help.  

Explain whether the results of your personality test matched your perception of yourself, using specific examples to support your answers.

Some of the results of my personality from the test match my self-perception. For example, I know am a sociable person. The test shows that as a protagonist, I am a charismatic person who is motivated through interaction with other people. I also think that I prefer teamwork. The result of the test show that people like me work well with other people. I am as well somebody who believes that we work to serve other people. The test demonstrates that protagonists like me prefer careers that involve helping other people.   

Note: This activity is designed to get you thinking about your identity. You may find that if you take the quiz more than once, you get different results. It depends on how you interpret the questions.

3. Share Show the introduction section of your personality test results to someone who knows you, such as a coworker, family member, or friend. (This should take about 5–10 minutes, including their response to the following questions.)

Ask the following questions and record the answer:

•“Did anything about my personality test results surprise you?”

 • “Were there differences between the test results and your perception of me?”

 • “Were there aspects of the results that you expected?” inspiration

Responses from a coworker: “No. I am not surprised at all by the results of the test. I know you as a friendly person who is always tolerant. You are always ready to help the people around you, and you can inspire.” “Not really. My perceptions of you include what I have just told you. Perhaps the only difference I find here is in terms of making decisions. I did not know that protagonists like you always consider the opinions , ideas, and feelings of other people in making decisions. I have always thought that you have been making decisions independently since other people can mislead you.”“I feel that some aspects of your personality were not captured by the test. I expected something to be said about your hard work and determination. You are always focused and goal-oriented.”

4. Reflect on Sharing

Examine how your behaviors and attitudes can change based on different situations and the perceptions of others. How did your friend/family/colleague respond to your results? How were their responses similar or different from your own?

Sometimes my attitudes and behaviors change depending on the situations and other people’s perceptions. For instance, as a charismatic person, I have a good sense of humor. I freely laugh and enjoy good moments with my friends. However, this does not make me lazy. I am always serious and committed in my duties. According to my colleague, I am also a flexible individual who can fit in both team and individual work settings. His response is similar to what I think. I have been able to thrive in various work settings because of this flexibility.  

5. Other People’s Perceptions of You

Compare your personal reaction to the personality test results with the reaction of your family/friend/colleague. How do other people’s perceptions of you affect how you act? Does your answer change depending on the context? Do other people’s perceptions of you affect how you act at work?

When I read the results of the test, I was surprised because I did not know that my personality is that of a protagonist. Although most of the aspects of personality highlighted by the results best describe me, I have learned some new facts. For instance, I have realized that I can motivate other people and help them to achieve their dreams. I have also learned I am a generous person who can help others. On his part, the colleague I shared these results with was not astonished at all. He claims that everything the results are saying about me I true. The perceptions other people hold about me tend to affect the way I act. However, this depends on the circumstances or the context. For instance, at my former workplace, I have been known as a reliable and honest person. I always try to maintain these traits. I am also somebody who highly respects the opinions of other people. I try to consider their input whenever I am required to make decisions.   

Next Steps: Using what you’ve learned about your identity and other people’s perceptions in this worksheet, create a professional bio to send to Dr. Lee and display on your social networking profile.

PHL-10011 Professional Bio Template

Using what you’ve learned about your identity, complete this professional bio template. Describe your past professional experiences, including any major career achievements (100-150 words).

As a professional, I have worked in a number of reputable organizations around the country. These include governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. I have worked in childcare centers, schools, and healthcare settings. Most recently, I worked as a medical social worker in a public hospital. Part of my responsibilities included assessing patients’ social and emotional needs, providing guidance and counseling, and serving as a patient advocate. My determination and ability to make informed decisions have seen me achieving a lot wherever I have worked. I have helped people to achieve their ambitions. My efforts have never gone unrecognized when it comes to getting promotions. I have served in the capacities of a team leader, manager, and executive director. I attribute all these achievements to my hard work.      

Discuss the different parts of your identity. You should include who you are, how you work, and what motivates you (100-150 words).

I am a hardworking and reliable person with great determination to succeed in life. I possess a flexible work ethic, and I am able to adapt well to diverse work environments. My organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills are excellent. I am always keen and cautious to time management. I tend to fit well in both team and independent settings. I thrive in challenging work environments where every day is a learning experience. What motivates me most is the desire to inspire other people to accomplish their goals. I believe in the principles of honesty, tolerance, and fairness. I am also a sociable and friendly person with a good sense of humor.   

Describes the soft skills, personality traits, and character traits needed for your current role (100-150 words).

In my current role, I will manage a subdivision of the administrative team that works on the organization’s community relations. This work requires good verbal and written communication skills. Apart from communication skills, it also calls for good interpersonal skills. As a manager, I need to be tolerant, flexible, and friendly to my team members. I should also embrace team work in the activities I will be involved in. I as well need to listen to the views of others in order to incorporate them into my decisions. Additionally, I should always be honest and fair in carrying out my duties and responsibilities.

Explain why you listed certain soft skills and personality traits. What about these skills and traits have helped you succeed in your current role? (100-150 words)

Good communication skills will be required in writing speeches, and making important presentations. Effective interpersonal skills will help me to relate well with other people in the organization. Being flexible, tolerant, and friendly will enable me to collaborate well with my team members. Team work will help me and my group to work as a team towards the achievement of the goals of the organization. Considering the views of others will enhance the ownership of important decisions, and compliance to them. Lastly, being fair and honest will enable me to gain the trust of the team I will be leading.     


Chamorro-Premuzic, T. & British Psychological Society. (2015). Personality and Individual Differences. Chichester, West Sussex : The British Psichological Society and Wiley.

NERIS Analytics Limited. (2021). Protagonist Personality. Retrieved from

Schultz, D. P. & Schultz, S. E. (2017). Theories of Personality. Australia: Cengage Learning.

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