How to write an informative essay

How to write an informative essay

What is informative writing?

A brief meaning of the term “informative” is to inform. We can therefore define informative writing as any written content that is meant to convey specific information. For example doctors give prescriptions on drugs to patient in written form. This prescription gives the patient information on how to use the drugs therefore being informative. Instructions’ manuals, academic journals, encyclopedias magazines and any other written content meant to pass information is also classified as informative writing.

Informative writings are also similar to explanatory writings or expository writings. Their main intention is to give information about certain actions , people, animals, conditions and anything else that one may need to know more about. They exist everywhere and we often come across them almost daily. Other than being educative, informative writings can be used to convey several information. For instance, they can be a sign of danger or warning and therefore one do not need to neglect them when he/she comes across.

At times, informative writing can be confused with persuasive writing. A clear distinction of the two is on the content of information. Whereas persuasive writing provides one half of the intended information, informative writing provides the full information to the reader. It is now upon the reader of any informative writing to take time to abstract the exact information passed. He/she should thereafter make an evaluation on the information and also have a clear ideology on the features of the specific informative writing.

Information can be made for specific purposes but not to specific people. Signs and notices are examples of these informative writings. Similarly, essays, lectures, notes etc. are used to educate a specific group of students and thus their information are specifically meant to them.

How to start an informative essay

This is normally the beginning of any informative essay where one is required to choose an appropriate thesis statement. This statement will drive you to writing and passing the exact intended information to the reader. It is always advisable that it be a one sentenced writing. In all circumstances, we should strictly remain focused on that statement all through the writing. If you stray away from the thesis statement, you are not going to reach to the readers you wanted.

Introduction can be in form of a paragraph or a page depending on the content of information desired to be conveyed. Here, you give clear definitions and descriptions on what is to be covered. The length of introductory statement is not specific but should be realistically long, it should not be too short or too long, this helps the reader to quickly get to understand what they expect. It also captures the brief explorative content to be covered by the reader.

How to write an essay step by step

Informative essay writing is done stepwise so as to remain in line with the objectives of thesis statement. The steps include;

  1. Selecting appropriate topic.

Appropriate topics for informative writings should not be too broad or too specific. This topic should be covered in the assay. It should be interesting to the targeted readers. The topic should not be one that is interesting to the writer while on the other hand boring to the reader. Both parties should be engaged by this topic. Therefore, the writer should take time to decide on appropriate topic before writing.

  1. Research and gather ideas about the subject.

A research should now be conducted on how to cover the appropriate topic. Best sources for researching are academic journals, encyclopedias, scholarly database among others. Sources with unreliable contents should be avoided.

  1. Take notes.

During the process of research, you shall come across key points that are important and may be a flesh to the chosen topic. Taking notes on the points is relevant for easy flow of content during writing.

  1. Write an outline.

An outline should now touch on the introductory part, the main body and the conclusion. This ensures that we remain systematic in organizing ideas.

  1. Write the informative essay.

At times, it is preferred that you have a draft of the essay thereafter a final copy. A draft is meant to catch all what is in the outline without being concerned on grammar and punctuation. It also gives the essay an appropriate structure that it deserves. Thereafter, you can proceed to write a final draft now that will reach to the intended readers.

  1. Proof read and edit the written informative essay.

This is important to avoid spelling mistakes, poor punctuation, and inappropriate grammar among other mistakes. It also helps the writer to know if the objectives of the thesis statement has been met.

Best informative essay hooks

A hook simply refers to the first sentence in writing an informative essay that tries to capture the attention of the reader. It makes the readers to be more curious on reading the whole essay. There are several essay hooks which include;

  • Interesting question hook.

This is a kind of question that will force a reader to inquire more by reading the assay in order to find the answer. There will be no other place that the answers to the question will be found unless by reading the whole essay. Therefore choosing a good hook question is important.

  • Strong statement/declaration hook.

To declare is to make clear facts on something. Having our thesis statement, a declaration hook enables readers want to know how the writer supports his/her statements. It however does not bother on whether the reader agrees or disagrees with the statement.

  • The fact/statistic hook.

This kind of hook helps gives a first impression to the reader that the writer has knowledge and evidences on the topic of essay. It should appear at the beginning of the essay to give the reader a desire to know how the writer has the evidences to support the thesis.

  • The metaphor/ simile hook.

A metaphor compares one thing to another regardless that they do not have any relationship. For instance, an encountered scenario can be compared to hell. The two things have no relationship but a comparison has been taken. A simile on the other hand is the same as metaphor only that it uses the words “like” or “as”. Therefore, this kind of hook statement when used in informative essay tries to urge the reader to continue reading the whole essay to learn how the writer is comparing the two things.

  • The story hook.

It is normally the longest type of hook but should appear first in the essay. It employs the ideology of relating an interesting story or episode with the topic of the essay. When a reader reads and enjoys the episode, he/she shall want to know now how does that episode relate with the topic in question. The story may be about the writer or any person.

  • The description hook.

This hook tries to give a clear description about a scene that occurred and the reader wanting to know of it, will end reading the whole essay.

  • The quotation hook.

To quote is to say or write something that was written or spoken by another person. By using quotations, it helps draw the attention of the reader to know how this quote shall relate to the topic or the essay.

30 plus informative essay topics

  1. Increased strike rates in schools.
  2. Role of forest to our environment.
  3. Causes of teenage pregnancies.
  4. Causes of increased rates of accidents on roads.
  5. Palatability of indigenous vegetables.
  6. Causes of low employment rates.
  7. Effects of corruption to a country’s economy.
  8. How high population rates of a country affects its gross domestic product GDP.
  9. Effects of oil spillage to aquatic life.
  10. Importance of AI services.
  11. Possible risks of female genital mutilation FGM.
  12. Poaching as a threat to wildlife.
  13. Effects of gambling activities on youths.
  14. Effects of technology on employment.
  15. Gender rule.
  16. Sexual harassment amongst employees.
  17. Stress management in working place.
  18. Sexual transmitted diseases.
  19. Baby monitors.
  20. Role of ICT in education.
  21. Role of hormones in our bodies.
  22. Advantages of rural to urban migration.
  23. Drug and substance abuse.
  24. Causes of climate changes.
  25. Effects of X-rays.
  26. Importance of breast milk to children.
  27. Hydrological cycle.
  28. Causes of land and sea breeze.
  29. English Premier League.
  30. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

How to know that my essay is informative

For an essay to be informative, it should have the following features;

  • It should be able to explain to the reader by introduction the purpose of writing it.
  • Its structure should be well organized to support the writer’s reason for writing it.
  • It should be able to provide evidences with facts, details, quotations and references to sources of information.
  • The language used for writing should be precise and appropriate to deliver the right information to the reader.
  • The content leading to the evidence should be flowing to avoid confusion to the reader.
  • After reading all through the content, the reader must have a certifying conclusion from the writer.

Informative essay ideas

Informative essays requires one to have more practices in essay writing for it makes perfect. However, there are some common things that will propel the writing art with ease which include;

  • Forging identity

Identity simply defines who you are. If you belief that you can be a writer like any other writer, then you will be. This morale enables you to write confidently and with the desire to write more and more essays, you finally become a professional informative essay writer.

  • Practice fun writing

It is not mandatory that you write an essay just to pass information. If you want to perfect your ideas when writing, you can write many essays even with the intention to make fun to yourself. First writing encounters might seem difficult but with continued fun, you will realize it to become easier.

  • Find inspiration

The many activities that you engage in can help give you prospective ideas to write on. It is not necessary that you have to look for ideas on other written documents.

  • Use an everything book’

At times when ideas have accrued in your brain, something can happen that can distort those ideas. It is therefore advisable for you to have a notebook to note down any idea that comes across your mind to avoid forgetting.

  • Develop a swipe file

It is a folder used to store any interesting idea to be used later and can thus act as an inspirational source.

  • Prepare your mind for meditation.

Silent places are good for meditation of ideas where there is no disturbances.

  • Brainstorm a title.

To brainstorm ideas helps you to add more information on them. An idea will lead to another idea.

  • Make a rough layout of the ideas.

Here, you will be required to state the possible sub-topics to touch on when writing the informative essay. This will help ideas to flow when you begin to write. You can thereafter have an inner editor to look at what you’ve written as a rough draft.

The final thing to do is to check whether everything have been included in the writing. If there is anything to include or removed, you can do. Also make sure that the content is there to meet the needs of the thesis statement.

  • Read the piece loudly.

Unrealized mistakes can be noticed when you read a piece loud where you can highlight them. Corrections to the mistakes can be made then.

How to conclude an informative essay

The last step now comes in where you are to give a summary of what is in the whole essay. This section behaves to give a final remark on the most important information in the essay. It therefore gives the readers more desire to read other essays related to that one and therefore closing on a high note is advisable. Rhetorical questions may be used to create more desires for other essays.

Who will write my informative essay?

Owing to the fact that there are many informative essay topics to write about, it therefore allows for anyone desiring to write on any topic to do so. For specific topics, it is advisable that people with enough ideas on the informative essays write them. You can reach out for to help you write a good informative essay. We have have qualified personnel that will handle your paper to the best standards ever.

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