How to write a descriptive essay

Descriptive Writing

What is descriptive writing (Descriptive essay meaning?)

Descriptive writing is a phrase derived from the word description.  The use of words to paint mental pictures of a situation, a place, a person or people, things and experiences falls under a genre of writing called descriptive writing.  In this type of essay writing, words are carefully chosen so as to catch and hold the attention of the reader on to the description.  Incidentally, descriptive writing uses all the five senses in bringing up the pictorial view of what you are describing.  The use of language to express the sense of smell, touch, seeing, sound or hearing, and taste will give a vivid picture of what you are focusing on, when you apply them in the descriptive essay.

When you write a descriptive essay, you must have a purpose resulting from the ideas you have in mind, and you must know and understand your target audience.  Do you want to entertain, inform or persuade the audience?  Will your topic be interesting to the targeted audience?  Answering such questions will enhance your descriptive writing skills resulting in a good and well-organized essay.  Descriptive writing can also be applied when writing a poem, a letter, an article, writing a research paper, and even in delivering a speech.  Descriptive writing can as well be prompted or stimulated by descriptive writing pictures.  These are pictures that you look at and base your descriptive writing on them.  You will describe the picture by referring to details meant to pass on your idea or message to the audience, and ignore unnecessary minor details.  However, you should not ignore the interest of the audience and your essay must also consider the knowledge of the audience about the topic. The two pictures below are examples of descriptive writing pictures.

You can pick one of the descriptive writing pictures and write something interesting about it.  What is interesting in the picture? What can we learn from the picture? Asking yourself such kind of questions, prompted by the senses and answering them in a descriptive manner will lead to a good and interesting descriptive writing.

How to start a descriptive essay (Introduction)

            Your descriptive essay should start with a catchy sentence (thesis statement) that should immediately draw the attention of the reader. Start from the vantage point that is interesting and attractive to the reader.  Explore the purpose of the description by also providing some background information. Use figurative language to state your main point and show its relevance.  Engage your five senses in making the reader to understand the subject and what you are describing. End the introduction by stating what you wish your description to achieve.

How to write a descriptive essay step by step

            The steps outlined below will help you to write a descriptive essay that meets basic standards.  The choice of your words should be descriptive in nature and use sensory words to make the reader build up the correct image in the mind.

Step 1 – you should look at your interests and the interests of your audience then decide on the topic of your subject.  The topic can also be provided by your tutors.  In this case, you will follow the instructions given for the essay.

Step 2 – deliberate on the reasons why you are writing the essay and what you want to achieve. And for you to achieve it through descriptive writing, what do you require?

Step 3 – study your audience and find out what they already know about the subject.  Then plan on how to approach your description and write an outline for the essay.

Step 4 – start writing your draft essay by choosing your words carefully in the write up making use of figurative language, comparisons, adjectives, adverbs, and imagery of the five senses to paint a picture in the mind of the reader.  Your descriptive writing should be done following the introduction, body and conclusion format.  The body should have three paragraphs each explaining your ideas in ascending order of emotional strength, the last describing your strongest idea.  However, you can write more than three paragraphs of the body by giving your ideas in sections. Each section can be described using more than one paragraph.  Organize your ideas with consistency, carefully and logically.  Your conclusion should advocate for your ideas, your viewpoint or your understanding, hence fully giving the picturesque description.  The conclusion should give the significance of the essay.

Step 5 – revise, edit, proofread your draft essay to give it the quality required. Also, read quality descriptive writing examples on the internet from the websites of professional writers for comparison purposes so as to improve on the quality of your description.

10 plus examples of descriptive writings

            There are countless number of examples on descriptive writings and innumerable topics or subjects on the same that can be addressed in this genre of essays. You can write a descriptive essay on subjects like the ones listed below. Some prompts have been given after the topic to help and guide you in the descriptions.

  1. Describe the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Tokyo Japan 2021
  • how colorful was the ceremony?
  • What were some of the emotions experienced at the ceremony?
  • What was the most attractive thing in the ceremony?
  1. The return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan.
  • What news are we receiving from Afghanistan about the Taliban?
  • Why should their return cost the lives of people?
  1. Describing the best place that you have ever visited in your life.
  • What was the scenery of the place?
  • What excited you most at the place? Was it food or buildings or what was it?
  • Did you visit any historical sites there?
  • How did you feel when departing from the place?
  1. My first visit to the animal orphanage.
  • Which animal did you want to see?
  • How was the smell of the animals?
  • Did you touch any of the animals?
  • Were you scared by any of the animals?
  • did you see how the animals feed?
  1. The person who saved my life
  • What is the name and position of this person?
  • What did the person do to you?
  • Why did he save your life?
  • How did it happen?
  1. What you enjoyed most as a child
  • Did you enjoy eating food, playing, singing, watching movies, or going places?
  • What makes you nostalgic?
  • Do you still enjoy it at the moment?
  1. The person you have admired most in your life
  • What is the name of the person?
  • What are his characters?
  • What makes you admire this person?
  1. Pele and his records in soccer.
  • What are his records in soccer?
  • What is his stature or physique?
  • Did you ever watch him play soccer?
  1. The seven wonders of the world
  • What are these wonders and what makes them unique?
  • What else have you seen that can be taken as a wonder of nature?
  1. Compare the behavior of a goat and a sheep.
  • Use the five senses to compare that is smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound.
  • Which of the two would you wish to keep?
  1. The first meal that you ever cooked.
  • Apply the five senses to your description of the meal and the impact it had on others.
  • Do you still prepare such a meal?

What are descriptive statistics?

            Descriptive statistics refers to accurate scientific descriptions meted on a specific set of data. Unlike inferential statistics, the descriptions only apply to that data and not a different one, not even to a larger data set.  Inferential statistics on the other hand relies on descriptive statistics’ findings from a sample of the population to make generalizations that will apply to the larger population.  Inferences are drawn from the sample data set at given confidence levels so as to validate the extension of the values to the large population.  Such inferential statistics include correlations, regressions and ANOVA.  Descriptive statistics include all measures of central tendency namely mean, median, mode, range, variance, standard deviation, and frequency distributions, graphs such as bar graphs, pie charts, histograms and the normal curve.  These can also be worked out on a sample data in inferential statistics and then used to make inferences to the larger population.  Therefore, when you work on descriptive statistics your results are conclusive and only true to the data set in question.

How to use descriptive statistics in data analysis

Data analysis involves scrutinizing a given set of data to establish information that can be used in decision making. This is the basis of descriptive analysis, a statement explaining the different aspects of a collection of data. Descriptive statistics has parts that are relevant in any analytical work including analysis of data. For example, the mean of a distribution will give a value at the center of the data or an average of the data which can be used for planning and evaluation purposes. The mode will give the most frequent item in the data and therefore you can use it to find reasons why the value appears frequently in your data hence make an informed judgment. If you expect most values to be around the mean, then measures of dispersion such as the variance will be used to find how values are deviating from the mean. The range will simply tell you how far the lowest value is from the highest by working out the difference between the two values. Depending on your interest and the decisions you need to make, descriptive statistics will assist you to get the information you need in making your descriptive analysis report on the data you are handling. Hence, data analysis will heavily rely on descriptive statistics.

What is the difference between descriptive writing and analytical writing?

The difference between the two lies mostly in the content and the style of language used. Some of these are stated below.

Descriptive writing

  • Aims at using words and the five senses to paint a picture of a situation, an event, a person, a place or a thing through descriptions and explanations.
  • Gives detailed information and facts as they are.
  • Describes the who, where, what and when, issues of a situation or an event.
  • States or explains a theory as it is.

Analytical writing

  • Involves breaking down a situation or topic into component parts and writing about each of the components through critical thinking.
  • Presents the importance of the component parts by stating the facts and information through critical analysis, investigations and comparisons.
  • It is evaluative in style answering why, how and therefore what, of a situation.
  • Critically proves a theory presenting evidence about it and evaluating how relevant it is.

How to conclude descriptive writing

            Your descriptive writing conclusion should be designed in such a way that it summarizes all the main points presented, and states the significance of the essay. You should restate the purpose of writing your essay and show the importance of your ideas to the society at large.  Do not insert new information in your conclusion.  Was your descriptive essay meant to entertain, inform or persuade the audience?  Then check and ensure that you have achieved your intentions.

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