How to undertake online classes

Online classes

Online is a word created from combining the word on referring to an active state, and line referring to a path connected through two or more points. Hence, online as used in computer technology refers to active connectivity to the internet or some other communication services. The internet is a network of connections of computers that communicate using a set of protocols. Protocol refers to the rules that govern how data is exchanged and transmitted across a network or computer connectivity. Therefore, online classes are lessons that are conducted while you are actively connected to the internet. Distance education is mainly conducted through online classes resulting in the classes generally being also known as distance learning. As such, an online class is synonymous to distance learning. Currently, we have online classes in absolutely every field of study like in adult education, medicine, online classes for children, in high school, in colleges, in universities, and many other disciplines.

What can lead to having online classes?

                There are a number of factors that can lead you to take online classes.  As an individual, you may be interested in advancing your academic achievements without attending contemporary or regular classes, and without stopping your work to go for studies.  Online classes will be an ideal platform for you. You can work as you study, do online exams and complete your course in your own style and comfort. If you are not employed, you can do online classes at home and obtain your academic goals just like any other student in a regular class. Many scholars cannot complete their studies without doing research as a requirement for attaining a certificate in the field of study. Some of the research activities will require you to use and access online sources. Ultimately, you may have to join online classes for you to complete your research. You will also look at online academic research papers to give you guidance in writing your research paper. There are very many professional writers on the internet who can assist you in writing a quality research paper. In case you need to improve your research work, you can visit their website for help or place an order for writing the whole research paper for you.  Apart from the online academic research papers, the professionals can help you in other academic write ups like online descriptive essays, other online academic papers, and online dissertations. To supplement online classes, the professionals also have online support on any academic matters that you may find necessary. It is common nowadays to find companies and institutions conducting in-service proficiency courses and online exams to build capacity of their staff. For you to be able to add value to your work and improve the overall production at your work place, you must take the online classes as directed by the management. Self-motivation for higher learning in order to develop personal knowledge can also lead you to taking online classes since it is easier to take a varied subject online. It is also favorable for those who may have dropped out of class for one reason or the other, to take online classes at their own convenient time so as to cover what was lost earlier on. In many cases, the cost of an online course is lower than that of traditional learning. In such a case, it is prudent to take online classes rather than going to college for conventional learning. These are some of the ways that can lead somebody to take online classes.

Advantages and disadvantages of online classes

                Online classes are gradually growing and are being undertaken by many college and university students. Some of the advantages of the classes are described below: –

Flexibility of learning: – e-learning or learning through the internet can be done without you leaving your job.  You can have classes at home as you do other duties. You are free to make a choice as to when to attend lectures or work on your assignments, and also decide on when you can have online exams in the course.

Self-control and discipline: – you have full control of your style of learning, and you are fully responsible for the progress and completion of the course.  This calls for self-discipline and accountability for the success of your courses.  You do not get unnecessary pressure from course managers. You will work independently and your self-motivation can make you to complete the course in a shorter period of time than campus learning.

Time management: – you are at liberty to control and manage your study time in a way that is favorable to you. You can create more study time in your normal daily schedules so as to spend extra time on your lessons.

Professional support: – other than your college tutors, other qualified online professionals are available and they can give support in your subject of study, and even provide you with online academic research papers. They can help you to have more alternatives in your research project thereby increasing credibility and quality of your research paper.

Scope: – the classes can be taken by as many learners as possible anytime anywhere regardless of geographical barriers. Many disciplines are embracing online class due to its versatility and reliability.

Costs: – as compared to the conventional classes, online classes are relatively cheap. For example, accommodation costs can be completely cut off because you are not going to any campus as a student but learning from the comfort of your home.

However, there are some disadvantages of online classes and these include: –

Procrastination: – you can easily decide to postpone your studies and hence delay or take more time than necessary in doing the course and completing your studies. You are on your own in decision making and if you are not motivated, it is easy to make unfavorable decisions like procrastinating lessons, assignments, online exams and other activities that you are supposed to do to complete your course of study.

Social interactions: – these are lonely or individual studies that deny you the ability to interact with your colleagues in social activities like games, dances, group discussions, and exchange programs. However, the problem of social interactions can be reduced through video conferencing and live online discussions.

Large group discussions: – online class discussions may not be done live on a very large number of students at the same time like during lectures in a hall. The number of students to be attended to in a live discussion is limited by the technological application system to be used in conducting the class.

Practical work: – in disciplines where learning is practical or mostly achieved through hands-on activities, conducting online classes will not work. You have to enroll in college for regular classes to carry out practical activities.

 Explain at least 10 tips to pass online classes and exams

                Commitment to passing examinations is a universal matter. However, online examinations have their own unique challenges but the following tips can help you to pass the online exams and move on with online classes: –

  • Like in any other exam, make sure you have attended all your classes as required, and prepare well for the online examination. Do not miss any discussion or assignment.
  • Read carefully and understand the general guidelines and regulations given for the exam and strictly follow the requirements.
  • Ensure the condition of your computer is good and the internet connectivity is steady, so as to avoid any unnecessary interruptions during the exam time.
  • When you start the examination, you should have minimal or no distractions at all. Such things like living the TV on or putting on music while doing the exam will interfere with your concentration.
  • Your room should be quiet and well ventilated. Find a good place in the room where you can do your exams comfortably preferably near the window.
  • Time management is very important during the exam. You should program yourself so that you can effectively respond to all the test questions in the given time. Have something that can give you time alerts as you progress on with the exam.
  • Take online practice or mock exams before handling the actual exam. This will build your confidence and correct any mistakes or errors in the way you handle online exams.
  • Read, understand and strictly follow what each and every question requires you to do in order to score marks.
  • Submit your own original work. Do not copy from other places or plagiarize your write up. This can lead you to being disqualified from the exam or scoring zero.
  • Submit the exam to the correct place and in the format that is required.

How has a pandemic like COVID 19 contributed to online classes and exams?

                A pandemic like Covid 19 has adverse effects on the individual and the community at large.  However, Covid 19 has contributed to an increase in online classes because face-to-face lessons breach Covid 19 protocols.  One of the controls for the pandemic was to keep social and physical distance. This meant that social activities like schooling and games had to be interrupted. Most colleges opted to continue their study programs through online classes and ultimately give online exams. This ensured that their study programs did not completely stagnate due to effects of the pandemic.

Mistakes that should be avoided in an online class

                Online classes are as good as regular classes. A student taking online exams gets certification just like the other students at the campus. Therefore, it is important to be sure of successfully completing your studies through the online class without underrating any of the lessons online. Hence mistakes like the ones described below should be avoided so as to achieve your academic goals.

Not checking accredited providers: – if you are enrolling for online classes, ensure that the provider of the service is approved. Do not take classes from colleges that have not been approved.

Ignoring technological specifications of the course: – register for the course after ensuring you have the right technology to handle the class or the subject.

Starting without any technological knowledge: – you must have some basic computer knowledge and skills that you will use in online classes.

Not attending help sessions: – all online classes have help sessions that guide you specifically on how to handle the classes. You must take these training sessions in order to be effective in learning.

Missing updates: – do not miss any updates in your classes on your software application or from your tutors.

Ignoring frequently asked questions: – going through frequently asked questions will help you to avoid common mistakes and address some of your challenges.  In case you cannot find an answer to your problem in this section, then do not hesitate to ask for help or pose your question.

Not asking for feedback: – working alone and not getting feedback is not appropriate. Feedback will keep you on track and confirm that you are doing the right thing.

Assuming you know it all: – technology is dynamic. You must embrace changes and update yourself regularly with current innovations. You can stagnate if you assume that you know everything.

Underrating online classes: – the only difference between online classes and regular classes is that in online classes, the teacher and the learner are separated and only interact through technology. Otherwise, the curriculum content is the same and all students achieve the same academic standards and levels of learning. Online classes are valued and accepted in the job market just like any other qualification required by the industry from regular learners.

Where can I get help with online classes or exams?

                You can get professional help from websites that will assure you of quality support, and have people who are ready to do some academic work for you to ensure that you succeed in your studies at all levels. Not all prospective websites you access will guarantee you help in online classes and exams. You have to look at their profiles before selecting the right website. For example, at, you will get round the clock help on online classes and online exams, along with other services like writing and delivery of quality online academic research papers and online descriptive essays. This is a good site to get help on the classes and exams.

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