Employees Training

Needs Assessment for employees

            Employee training in an organization is essential since it exposes the staffs to the new skills and knowledge level that help them to become more productive and efficient in their engagement. Organizations use various approaches to train their staff members based on the available budget and the desired goals for training. For organizations to conduct better training for their staffs, they usually get involved in need assessment. The need assessment can involve a single department or all the departments of the organization to facilitate quality training. Various reasons make need assessment necessary for customer service employees training in any organization (McCallister, 2019). First, need assessment will make the organization to train the employees deserving the skills identified using the right approach that will make the learning to be assimilated in the organization’s operational framework.

 Also, the need assessment makes the training given to the target staffs to be the one that will result in the most beneficial impact in the business due to increased productivity and efficiency. For example, if the employees are taking more time in resolving customers’ queries, training them on the best approach to use in resolving emerging issues competently makes the organization to reduce the number of complaints that remain unresolved per day occasioning loss of customers (Yin, et al, 2017). Thus, the organization will result in more customer retention and high sales due to satisfied customers. The need assessment will make the organization to easily identify the tools and methods that had been ignored and may be critical in solving problems arising in customer service. Further, need assessment has the potential of making the organizational management put in place program for continuous training of staffs to keep them abreast with emerging trends in the market. For example, if the employees are to translate from the use of the existing system to a modern system, integrating technology in the organization may be compelled to develop a training program.

The training program will capture all employees to equip them with the prerequisite skills that will take some time together with refresher courses. This may be due to the emerging technologies that replace the existing ones (Lehtiheimo, 2018). The assessment will expose performance deficiencies since clear goals will be set for departments to facilitate the organization to attain the outlined vision. Also, the need assessment undertaken will identify the skills and competencies that are required by the staff to make them work at optimal capacity. Performance deficiency will be exposed by training need assessment due to the ability to remove learning obstacles since customized training for the organizations’ employees may be considered. The provision of the appropriate training for the organizational staff will expose the performance deficiencies since the required outcome in improved work processes shall be registered. Training need assessment will expose performance deficiencies since employees will be allowed to express the challenges they face in their departments through interviews or surveys.

Customer Service Implementation Plan

The successful implementation of a customer service training plan will herald a new approach to customer service. This will result in more satisfied customers within the organization who eventually become ambassadors of the company. Thus customer implementation plan will entail identification of the customers’ needs, evaluation of the employee skills and their skills level, designing and implementation of the training method, and continuous re-evaluation of the customer service function (Kangombe, 2019). The identification of the need of the customer will involve knowing what the customer desire to get from the organization by trusting us to serve and meet their need.

Thus the pain point of the customer will be addressed in two ways. First, what do the customers expect to get from the company employees to feel satisfied and well taken care of? Secondly, what do the customers expect to get from the company in terms of product or service in return for the money paid? This will be best captured by introducing the customers’ comment cards. The customers will make their reservations in the card and drop it in the company’s dropbox or post it via mail at toll-free rates (Yin, et al, 2017). Also, the customers’ needs can be accessed through requiring customers to make a rating of the services they receive from the employees and company products. The organization may hire a survey firm to research the prevailing needs of the customers in the market concerning the organization’s products and services. Also, the survey will outline the required improvement area.

            The evaluation of employee skills and skills level is still essential in implementing the training program. This can be achieved through observing the employees as they engage in their duties. Through observation that can be undercover using hidden cameras or actual, the manager gets to understand their training needs and the ability to meet the various needs of the customers. However, overt observation will prove to be the best observation method since the employees will not control the behavior to avoid reprimand hence making the organization easily identify the needs for training of the employees in question (Yin, et al, 2017). For example, through observation, the observer can grade employees based on various levels of interaction with the customers.

Some employees will present better skills in upselling, others will be better in closing deals and others in initiating the necessary contact. Thus the study of employees’ behavior will help the organization to place the employees in different categories of customer service ensuring seamless service delivery in the departments. The training program will therefore integrate the captured information to make the employees better in their respective placement within the customer service function (Kangombe, 2019). In designing and implementing training methods, the organization will be taking the necessary steps towards making customer service function better. The plan can be implemented through various methods such as simulation, case study, on job training, hiring consultant, and presentation. The simulation method will entail getting the trainer to request the employees to showcase their ability to solve a given case scenario.

Also, the employees may be required to exhibit their approach to solving framed situations affecting them in their department. The trainer will give feedback to the employees on the best way to handle the circumstance than the demonstrated one. This method will be useful to the trainees since they will relate it to their real-life situation. On-job training will involve the supervisor or someone coming from training to showcase the new skills to the concerned staff. As such, the trainer will require the employees to take a keen interest in the training part as the training integrates the use of the available systems (Lehtiheimo, 2018). On job training proves useful since the employees can easily relate with each other and use the language they better understand. Also, the method makes the employees to appreciate the existing systems or the new one if it helps them to formulate solutions to the underlying problems affecting their work. The use of a training firm will make the trainer share experiences derived from various organizations in the industry. This has the potential of giving the employees insights from their competitors despite their identity being masked making them borrow a leaf on the best strategy to deploy in their work environment. Also, the trainer or training organization can help the organization in developing an employee handbook that establishes protocol to be used in the customer service department. Further, the consultant can develop the customer service manual to guide the employees in their interaction with customers.

The continuous re-evaluation of the customer service function will be critical in training implementation. This can be done twice a year or quarterly. The re-evaluation of the function of the customer service function will create the need for more training to keep the staff more informed on ways to solve emerging challenges in their work. Also, re-evaluation will make the employees to give their input on areas they feel more training is needed to make them more productive and efficient in their engagement (McCallister, 2019). The stage will inform the organization to decide the procedures or technology to be adopted to make the customer service function to operate in a seamless manner leading to a more satisfied workforce. Thus, the workers will feel more appreciated in knowing their views are critical in making a positive contribution to the overall training requirement of the organization to make them better.

Motivating Employees to attend Training

Employees in an organization may reject the upcoming training making them show no interest to attend training. Due to the underlying needs to improve the customer services, the employees need to be motivated to attend the training. The employees can be motivated by seeking to understand and know the cause of their disinterest (Kangombe, 2019). If the cause of disinterest is work-related, the employees can be assured that the problem will be solved after attending the training giving them a possible timeframe for resolving the underlying issues. For example, an employee sighting work they must perform even during training may be offered leave of absence of work instead of training. The purpose of training can be explained to the employees in a language they can understand by the person they trust. The purpose can be explained in terms of work efficiency and productivity.

Employees Survey

This questionnaire is intended to capture information relevant to customer service training and any information given herein will not be used for any unintended purpose. The respondent in this survey agree to adhere to the terms of this survey.

Personal Details

Number of years in the organization …………………….

Department ………………………………………………………….

Survey questions

  1. What is your view on the current status of customer service in the organization? Kindly rank on a scale of 1 to 5 where;

1 to 3 Very poor

3          Moderate

4 to 5   Better

  • What do you think can be done to improve the quality of customer service in the organization?
  • Training
  • Hiring New Workers
  • Outsourcing services
  • Any other

Give your personal views if the answer is (d)……………………………………………………………………..

  • Have you attended any training on customer service and where?
  • Yes, in the current organization.
  • Yes, in any other organization.
  • No.
  • How was the training organized?

Explain …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Did the training make you a better worker in the customer service department?
  • Yes
  • No

Explain your answer ………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • How do you think the training program should be organized?
  • In house training
  • Sourcing for consultant
  • Any other

Give your views if the answer is (c) ……………………………………………………………………………………

Thanks for your responses.


Kangombe, Y. N. (2019). An examination of customer service training programs offered by micro/small retailers and medium/large retailers in Ondangwa (Doctoral dissertation, University of Namibia).

Lehtiheimo, S. (2018). Developing customer service training program.

McCallister, C. (2019). Effect of Integrating Adult Learning Concepts and Curriculum Structure into Customer Service Training for Specialty Pharmacy Employees.

Yin, P., Liu, Z., Xu, A., & Nakamura, T. (2017, November). Tone analyzer for online customer service: An unsupervised model with interfered training. In Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (pp. 1887-1895).

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