E-commerce which stands for Electronic Commerce is using the internet to conduct business deals, in a way of buying and selling of products. Electronic commerce system resulted from  the effects of  the world going digital, due to technology advancing at a rate that brought the access of services such as credit cards and electronic transfer of funds, closer to man use. This technology has made organizations to become what they are today since most transactions can be carried out online including, payment of bills and purchase and sell of products (Lai, Ulhas & Lin 2014).

This paper examines the impact of e-commerce on the world today, which has made business operations to take another level. This is directly inline with internet services necessitating market expansion through ways such as digital marketing, which benefit organizations.

Electronic Commerce

In reference to a research conducted by Al-Dmour, Nweiran, & Al-Dmour (2017), e-commerce rose to popularity due to a number of factors; among them was opening internet access for public use. Changes were made on the internet to improve internet access which included diversifying the browsing techniques through the help of World Wide Web, dating back in 1990s. The idea here was to create awareness about how life changing the use of internet proved. In this research, it’s apparent that more people, even companies sinked deeply into internet usage, grabbing every available opportunity that had the possibility of maximizing business profits. On this note, a lot of meaning was given to internet marketing strategies by the companies. Many more companies, the likes of telecommunications and media corporations, surfaced to the top.

Based on a related research by Das, Parikh, & Sundaresan (2014), it has been logically reasoned that not everyone intended to positively conduct business transactions through online services. This is linked to the fact that cyber crimes become so pronounced by the day. Approximately more than 60% of United States citizens who are benefitting from e-commerce are also exposed to cyber crimes. Scum related cases were conducted by individuals with the objective of defrauding innocent people. Many American citizens have suffered cyber- related losses, being conned by a number of ill-minded individuals.

Benefits of Electronic Commerce to Organizations

Electronic commerce technology translates to transactions carried out between businesses and businesses, businesses and consumers and between consumers and consumers, (Lumpkin & Dess, 2004). This basically means that these groups define specific organizations and hugely benefits from these transactions. Adoption of e-commerce by organizations is connected to tremendous benefits involved. For these same reasons, this technology is widely used worldwide with the need of expanding business borders. Here is how organizations benefit from the adoption of e-commerce:

Improved Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing of company products necessitated by internet use has hugely pronounced the uniqueness of roles played by specific organizations. Currently, organizations have come up with marketing ideas that require development of company websites as a mode of advertisement. The effect of this is definitely humongous since selling of products across the world has become a walk in the park. The ultimate end result of improved marketing strategies is maximum realization of profits from every corner of the world, hiking economic progress of the organizations (Pires & Aisbett 2003).


The use of the internet to transact business has been made easy with the help of internet access. Currently, with technological services going viral, computer operation has become comprehendible and no special knowledge is required to carry out online transaction. All there’s to it is basic knowledge about how the operation works, and network connection. In one way or another e-commerce has been eased to a point where it can be done at the comfort of one’s home. This is a benefit to self- employed individuals working at home. Convenience also comes in whereby the use of this technology allows one to transact using less time possible (Salehi et al. 2012).

Minimum Costs Guaranteed

Electronic Commerce system is a relief to organizations since it provides a cost effective way of conducting business operations. This is inline with the amount of costs incurred in, travelling from one destination to another to purchase goods, managing the inventory, marketing and adverting and employee hiring. Online business transactions involve the use of detailed software’s that ease management of inventory, with minimum costs possible. Basically, the technology is intended to cut-down on additional costs during the general operation of the business. The use of the web makes it possible for organizations to avoid incurring costs that can be easily avoided (Garicano & Kaplan, 2001).

Product Transparency and Customer Satisfaction

Product description is part of the requirements that necessitates online buying and selling of goods. It’s a matter of great importance for the consumer to know the kind of product being displayed for sale. This gives the consumer a chance to critically make a decision on the right product to buy. Electronic Commerce makes this factor possible in that, datasheets bearing product information that are clearly outlined, are used (Chi Lin 2003).

Benefits of Public Opinion

Public product reviews is one factor that tells if a company’s needs to keep up the good work or focus on where the changes are supposed to be made on their products or services. E-commerce businesses have the chance to enjoy this kind of benefit for the greater good. Positive public opinion can translate to marketing strategies that boosts product and services awareness by putting a good word about a specific organization (Chi Lin 2003).


The technology of e-commerce has brought a new meaning to the business world.  Various organizations across the world are rising to prominence due to internet search engines for particular products by consumers. It has become possible to order a specific product today from a country 1000miles away, and receive it as required. Organizations that have expanded their markets this way have e-commerce to thank (Luo, Hongxin & Du, 2005).

Information Systems for Business Strategy

According to Delone & McLean (2003), information systems are strategized to put businesses in an up and running position with all the information required to cause growth. Information systems strategy is important for the day to day management of the business through critical decision making. The research further relates information system strategies to proper business performance with the idea that this kind of information are essential for planning, controlling, organizing and directing business procedures the way they are supposed to happen.


Electronic Commerce has evolved a great deal since its inception as a result of advancing technology. Despite countable reasons that negate this technology as being adequate, such as market inaccessibility due to telecommunications problems and legal barriers; e- commerce is up for greatness. This is explained by the facts that close to all organizations in the U.S. that have adapted e-business have one or two things to say about how they have benefited from it. Living in a business-conscious world ignites a lot of interest in this technology as an effective and efficient way to transact businesses, everything else considered.


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