Decision Making using Feedback

Stakeholder and Peer Feedback Emails

Maria Gonzalez Feedback Response, Good Morning Madam, Madam Maria, the reason the product development team focused on product appearance was because the product differentiation from competing brands focused on a unique design that we developed in the package decorations and technical features. More so, the design resonates well with the specific use of each product covered in the presentation and the team thought customers will easily relate the use with design. But in the future, we shall incorporate information on use in the presentation. Madam, the team felt that to maximize the limited time given for presentation and allow stakeholders’ questions for clarification developing a strategy that limits interferences through my presentation was good. This allowed other team members to concentrate more on the technical aspects of making a presentation and the slide goes on uninterrupted (Armengol-Asparó, Mercader, & Ion, 2020). My team understanding was that teamwork will be well exhibited by seamless presentation without a technical hitch but the team appreciates the perception created hence looking forward to improvement. Incorporating actual prototype designs were part of the strategy but limited time and cost implication compelled us to use only images. The team felt the prototype would make the presentation stuffy making stakeholders lose focus on real product features but with expressed support from your office we shall look into that. The intention of having multicolored logos was to elicit reactions from the audience as we gauge the preferred color. Further, my team felt that since they appear in the background of either yellow or black color, it resonates well with marketing strategies. The font was overlooked since the team thought the projector would magnify the message but we shall correct it in future presentations. Madam, the following questions are vital in shaping future presentations; did the presentations elicit a clear mental image of the Home X products in the consumer mind? What do you think needs to be done to elicit such images and product uptake? With Kinds Regards, Team Leader, Product Development Team.
Tina Feedback Response, Good Morning Tina, Tina’s honesty shining during the presentation never closed my mind throughout. I thought we agreed in case time is limited, I do the presentation as you handle the technical issues to portray our teamwork and ensure audiences are grilled to the contents and due to the quality of our presentation. Technically speaking, when I highlighted the product differentiation features including use of visuals from competing brands, this touched more on your area in the presentation. Even the supervisor argues that we overdid product differentiation rather than the pain points or the benefit the product will elicit to the users. Tina, we shall meet and discuss the way forward in future presentations to ensure that your concerns are addressed (Armengol-Asparó, Mercader, & Ion, 2020). I would request you to develop an all-inclusive strategy that you feel we can incorporate in future presentations to allow each team member to showcase their area without affecting the quality of our presentation. Then we go through it as a team and adopt it for future use. Just feel comfortable to get in touch with me and the other team members when ready so that we can iron out these issues. Tina, how do you think we should package our future presentation to showcase teamwork? Are there areas you think I need to improve to facilitate fair time distribution to enable you and other team members to present in the future? Thanks in Advance, Your team member and leader.
Anne Feedback Response,   Greetings Anne,   Anne, I appreciate your positive sentiments on my presentation ability and would wish you to take note of the fact that the team receives a standing ovation for such a credible presentation and preparation. Anne, with practice and support from the team, you will regain your footing and be able to make outstanding presentations in the future on our behalf (Gonzalez, Fakhari, & Busemeyer, 2017). Now that we know the impact of certain fonts on an appearance on the screen, we shall be factoring font size in future presentation and the color to creating a lasting impression on target audiences. Truth be said, I overestimated my voice level without a microphone but your suggestion to include microphones in the future will make our presentation amazing. Also, we can incorporate hearing devices for each audience that will be integrated into the presentation system thus making it easy for target audiences to ask questions that are well received by all participants. This will enhance two-way communication throughout the presentation cycle. In case we are presenting in a place where incorporating microphones pose a challenge, we shall be increasing our voice tone to reach the audiences or present in turn to ensure critical aspects are captured by the audiences. Anne, how can we help you to make you confident to stand in front of people? Anne, do you have an idea of the font and types of microphones we can use in future presentations? Kinds Regards, Your team member and leader.  
Terrance Feedback Response, Greeting Terrance. Thanks a lot Terrance for your comments and also gracing the product presentation occasion. We are glad to know your reservations for the yellow Homo X logo and the desire to move a step further by integrating it into the graphic design background. The product development team on behalf of the company is impressed to know the place our products take in your life. However, the team is still in the initial phase of deciding the standard color to be used in the logo (Armengol-Asparó, Mercader, & Ion, 2020). This is partly because the black color is the approved color by the company. Further, the need to balance the need of various stakeholders in the market will play a vital role in color choice for the logo. The desire to give the company products a unique image in terms of logo color will also inform future colors. All the same color notwithstanding we assure you that our products will always remain at the top of the industry chart to serve your needs in the market with their unique features and capability. Terrance, which area do you think we can incorporate each color to serve your interest? Do you have any special reservations for our products and the presentation? With lots of Thanks, Product Development Team Member and Leader.

Feedback Strategies Notes

Professional and respectful approach Professional and respectful language was used in response by appreciating their concerns and promising necessary corrective action will be undertaken. For example, in response to Terrance, it starts with thanking her for attending the occasion and notifying her of factors that will determine the color choice. Considering the feelings of owners of feedback was essential since it will improve product development and presentation in the future. The feelings of the coworkers, customers, and managers were considered by giving personal views and requesting them to furnish more information to help improvement. The request of more information to help in decision making was attained through rhetorical questions posed to the writers of email. Strategies for receiving Praise and Criticism  Praise and criticism are balanced by controlling emotions, respecting people’s opinions, and integrating standard company operating procedures in response (Gonzalez, Fakhari, & Busemeyer, 2017). The value of praise helps the team understand its strength and opportunities while criticism helps to identify weaknesses and decide corrective action. For Example, Tina talks of taking all credit whereby I inform her time limitation influenced my approach. Anne speaks of low tones in presentation where I promise her to work on voice in the future and accept her idea of using a microphone. The feedback by the supervisor was great since it was more of a summary of all issues raised including those by my team and customers. The feedback by Tina was more guided by emotions and desire for recognition rather than the value of the presentation. The questions open avenues for more information from the concerned persons making areas not well understood to be addressed. Preparing oneself and team The strategies that can be used include providing post-presentation survey. The survey can be given to participant immediately after presentation with requirement for immediate response or be emailed to the participant emails after presentation. The audience may be requested to respond in shortest time span. Also, the product development team can request for feedback response through social media account such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram created for such purpose. The feedback can also be generated by requesting for oral views and questions immediately after presentation. The received feedback can be analyzed by the team and those contributing immediately to the brand visibility in the market integrated without delay with the others being implemented in phases. Also acknowledging the customers feedback will create rapport and loyalty for company products.


Armengol-Asparó, C., Mercader, C., & Ion, G. (2020). Making peer-feedback more efficient: what conditions of its delivery make the difference? Higher Education Research & Development, 1-14.

Gonzalez, C., Fakhari, P., & Busemeyer, J. (2017). Dynamic decision making: Learning processes and new research directions. Human factors59(5), 713-721.

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