Connecting with People with Disabilities and Community Members

  1. When you see people with disabilities what “glasses” do you wear to really “see” them?

Whenever I come across persons with disabilities, I do not need blue or yellow glasses in order to really see who or what they are. This is due to the fact that wearing such glasses can only let me see their disabilities (Amado, 2013). It cannot enable me to see what these people can offer to others.

  1. Describe how you met 2 of your friends?

Every person needs a friend in life. There are many ways through which one can meet and make friends. One of such ways is that friends can meet at places that provide opportunities for meaningful interaction (Amado, 2013). For example, I met one of my best friends at school. He was my classmate. Another way through which friends are likely to meet is when one does something good to the other person (Amado, 2013). For instance, I met another best friend of mine after he asked me to buy him lunch. We were workmates.

  1. Referring to page 18, write some ideas on how to get Mary to go to a place of her interest with friends. Reading pages 17-18 will help with your ideas.

Since Mary’s interest lies within music, it is important to have her go to places where she can perform. For instance, she can get to a music concert, club, or any other place that can give her the opportunity to do her music. Such places offer chances for a meaningful kind of interaction (Amado, 2013). They can enable Mary to have fans and make friendship with them.

  1. Is it possible to foster friendships with others who have disabilities? If so, how.

Disability is not inability. People with disabilities are also able to foster caring, real, and genuine friendship with others (Amado, 2013). Therefore, it is possible to become friends with such people. For example, one can become a friend of a disabled individual by helping the person, and showing concern to him or her.

  1. On page 20 titled “what is a friend,” there is detailed information on types of relationships, place the 5 types of relationships in the order in which you feel they belong. Then tell me why you ordered them that way and why a person with a disability needs those relationships.

The different types of relationships described by Amado can be presented in the following order:

i.) Friends.

ii.) Places of community membership and belonging.

iii.) Places of community.

iv.) Acquaintances.

v.) Customer relationships.

Friends have to be at the top of the relationships because they are very important people in our lives. They make our world (Amado, 2013). After friends, the other important people are the ones with whom we have common participation. Examples include community members, co-workers, and fellow church members. At the bottom of the list are the people with whom we share circles of exchange. Examples include business customers.


Amado, A. N. (2013). Friends: Connecting People with Disabilities and Community Members. Retrieved from

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