Carmichael Centre

Carmichael Centre


Carmichael Centre is a major player within the community as well as voluntary sector due to its markedly visible presences in regards to the provision of different hospitality services. From its inception, the facility has leveraged a low cost pricing stratagem that has in turn allowed it to compete effectively with other commercial enterprise in the sector. This strategy has also helped this hospitality facility to assist cash short charitable to gain access to afforded hospitality services (Carmichael Centre , 2016).

Carmichael Centre therefore employs a clearly discernible business strategy in its development as well as service delivery and it has achieved this through staying true to ethos and values. This exercise will critically appraise the effectiveness of Food Safety in Carmichael House Catering Operations in the context of the entire organization (Carmichael Centre , 2016). The evaluation will also include the physical layout of current operations and suggest requisite improvements in regards to the manner in which food preparation in organized ; assess the degree of compliance as currently constituted against Irish standard 340: 2007: and develop a flow chart for necessary food safety.

The effectiveness of Management of the food facility in the context of the whole site/organization

Developing the necessary infrastructure for delivering different services within the hospitality industry is one a critical part of the functioning of any facility in this regard. The other critical aspect towards this end is availing the correct staffing with a view to managing as well as physically delivering hospitality services. Due to the fact that many charities cannot afford current commercial rates, the Carmichael Centre is thus limited in terms of income obtained from different service charges in terms of remunerating staff. The facility has in response to this situation developed staffing solutions in line with its mission as well as values, while at the same time seeking to ensure that it maintains professionalism even as it provides low cost services to charities. This involves the planning of as well as delivery of different hospitality services by an experienced and professional team together with the service delivery driven by part-time workers enlisted through the Community Employment Schemes (CE).

The Physical Layout of the Current Operations in the Way Food Is Food Preparation Is Organized

The physical layout of the current operations at Carmichael Centre in regards to the way food preparation is handled is predicated on the provisions of local authorities as well as International Standards 340:2007. In this regard, the facility acknowledges that it has the responsibility to provide a safe as well as healthy setting for its respective clients, employees in addition to people using the facility and its services.  This statement defines the food operations layout at the catering site and therefore the entire set up is driven by a commitment to conducting food operations under the highest possible standards which is in turn formalizes the operations of the authority and the current layout of service delivery.

Physical Conditions of Dining Rooms and Kitchen

All catering areas were assessed based on a pre-designed checklist. Consequently, the kitchen and dining were found adequate and in line with Irish Standard in regards to food handling operations. The floor was adequate as it did not have any cracks and/or detached areas. Further the walls as well as ceiling did not have any dust, any dirt or smoke and they did not have detachments or cracks. The windows in the kitchen as well as dining areas were openable, allowed sufficient ventilation and light as noted during the inspection. Similarly, the inspection noted that catering facilities were not infested by rodents and vectors.

In regards to physical repairs, the kitchen as well as dining areas were in good conditions apart from the fact that they needed repainting as the paint on the walls and ceiling was visibly fading.

Storage and Refrigeration

The facility contained storages rooms for storing perishable as well as non-perishable food items underlined by sufficient free space in addition to air circulation in the store. The refrigeration was adequate as all as all the 12 refrigerators within the facility were affixed with thermometers. By and large, there no significant food spoilage noted in regards to stored food items.

Water Supply and Sanitary facilities

            The facility has 12 washroom areas and they were clean and open for use during the course of the assessment. The sludge from the toilets was disposed to the sewer line as the facility is connected to the same. However, the assessment noted that the site lacked adequate urinals and the management therefore needs to increase this number in order to meet the needs of its increasing clientele base. However, it was noteworthy that the washrooms were separated by the required distance from food handlers and customers.

Solid Waste Management

The facility has 6 storage containers for temporary holding of waste generated within the site before collection by a local waste management company at a reasonable fee.  The barrel containers are tightly fitted, durable and light which aids in the removal process. Additionally, the containers are placed at appropriate locations within the facility where they do not interfere with food handling processes. However, it was noted during the assessment that the facility does not sought out its waste prior to disposal in accordance with environmental and other standards governing the sector and in deed the disposal of solid waste. Moreover, the lack of an incinerator at the site is an area the management should address in a timely manner as regulations governing the industry require facilities to have one with a view to dealing with hazardous wastes generated by the guests or the staff members themselves.

Water supply

During the inspection, the assessment team noted that the site had adequate supply of running water to the entire kitchen and indeed the lodging facilities including simultaneous supply of both cold as well as hot water. The facility also employs the use of dish washing machines to clean soiled dishes but manual washing wash the primary method. However, the kitchen was compartmentalized with four separate sinks for manual cleaning of utensils where hot water as well as detergents were used for cleaning purposes.

The degree of compliance of the prerequisites as they currently operate (within the constraints of this listed building) against IS 340:2007

In regards to compliance against IS 340: 2007, Carmichael Centre has complied has achieved critical levels in this regard. Despite its shoestring budget, the catering facility has leveraged its low cost strategy to engage the services of a food manager who also plays the role of sites safety manager. The manager has in this regard developed a training and information program for employees that ensure that the staff members are adequately appraised and aware of the regulatory requirements governing food preparation as stipulated by International Standards (Food safet Authority of Ireland, 2016).

Towards this end, the facility has identified food hazards with a reasonable likelihood of occurring with the general setting of the catering services. The facility has thus ensured that the same are evaluated on a continuous basis and controlled in a way that does not portend any direct or else indirect harm to both the clients as well as the staff members (SAIGLOBAL, 2016). For example, the management has ensured that y that the washrooms were separated by the required distance from food handlers and customers. In addition, the staff members have been provided with adequate protective gear as required of any food processing facility. Medical examinations of the food handlers are conducted on a quarterly basis to ensure that they do not have any illness that may be transmitted to the clients or other workers through contaminated food.

The food processing manager has developed an elaborate communication mechanism that seeks to ensure that appropriate information is availed throughout all food handling processes. This communication also encompasses all information relating development, execution as well updated “food safety management system” within the facility is provided in a timely and clear manner with a view to satisfying the requirements stipulated by International standards are met to the required extent (SAIGLOBAL, 2016).

This information is reviewed periodically as well as updated periodically as the situation may necessitate within the management system in terms of food handling processes in order to ensure that the facilities activities in this regard incorporates recent information pertaining to hazards inherent to food safety subject to regulatory control. The catering facility has also maintained a ledger for identifying as well as documenting any processes as a result of outsourcing that may affect the conformity of the final product. This documentation is crucial in terms of food quality as it enhances the facility’ control over such processes.

Despite its limited resources, the management of the facility has also critically complied with IS: 340:2007 by providing evidence of the commitment to develop and implement  a management system that is appropriately suited to guaranteed food safety as well as continuous improvements in terms of effectiveness through the following ways:

  1. Incorporating into and therefore demonstrating that food safety is supported by facility’s business objectives.
  2. Developing a clear communication mechanism to all members of the organization the significance of adhering to IS requirements, any regulatory in addition to statutory requirements and customer food requirements through staff meetings and internal organization communication;
  3. Establishment of a “food safety policy” as provided for by IS requirements, any regulatory as well as to statutory
  4. Carrying out periodic management appraisals, and
  5. Ensuring the ready availability of necessary resources to meet IS, regulatory, statutory and customer requirements.

The assessment also noted that the facility has satisfactorily met the requirements enumerated by International Standards by appointing a specific individual to take charge of food safety herein referred to as the food handling manager who, despite being the general manager has responsibility as well as authority:

  1. a) To manage food safeties teams as well as organize their work (Standard 7.3.2)
  2. b) to make sure that pertinent training in addition to education of the members of the food handling safety team is conducted periodically and effectively(Standard 6.2.1).
  3. c) To lead the establishment, execution, maintenance and updating of the “food safety management system”
  4. d) To conduct timely reporting to the organization’s senior management of the effectiveness as well as suitability of “the food safety management system”.

It is important to note that the responsibilities assigned to the food safety leader also include liaising with external entities in regards to issues relating to the management of food processes.

IS: 340: 2007 requires food handling facilities to maintain external communication. In this regard, Carmichael Centre has ensured that satisfactory information on matters relating to food safety is accessible throughout the facility’s processes (SAIGLOBAL, 2016). Towards this end, the catering facility has, implemented and maintained effective provisions for maintaining appropriate communication with

  1. a) Different contractors and suppliers,
  2. b) Customers, in regards to specific product information including intended use, precise storage requirements and shelf life
  3. c) Statutory as well as regulatory bodies, and
  4. d) Other organizations that portend a direct or else an indirect impact on, on the effectiveness and safety of the facilities of food handling processes.

Food safety Flow Charts


Source: (FSAI, 2016)


Warm Ready to Eat foods


Source: (FSAI, 2016)











Shepherd’s Pie and Lasagne

Source: (FSAI, 2016)


Carmichael Centre has implemented a lucid business strategy in its development as well as service delivery and it has achieved this through staying true to ethos and values. This has ensured that the facility maintains effectiveness in its food handling activities. From critical appraisal of the effectiveness of Food Safety in Carmichael House Catering Operations in the context of the entire organization, this assessment has met the requirements of provided by International Standards in regards to food safety.


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